IBS Stress

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IBS Stress – Know that stress is a very touchy subject in relation to IBS.

The Effects of Stress

Most people believe that stress alone cannot cause IBS symptoms. It is however important to fully understand how stress connects with your IBS symptoms.

IBS is not the root cause of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome condition, however it is a factor that can aggravate your IBS symptoms. Once a person has IBS, this means that the person is far more susceptible to having the symptoms flare-up as a result of stress.

The Circle of Stress

It is a vicious circle meaning that stress can cause your IBS symptoms to surface and at the same time, these IBS symptoms can cause even more stress in your life, further heightening your symptoms.

In order to keep your symptoms at bay, it is important to avoid stressful situations but if it is unavoidable, learn how to properly manage your stress. This means, that if the stress is not something worth fighting for, then let it go and walk away or stay but keep your stress at a minimum.

IBS Stress

Tips to Handle Stress

The only types of stress that is worth you stressing over, is life-threatening situations involving yourself or any of your loved ones. This shouldn’t be an everyday situation so it should not be too difficult to avoid all other high-stress situations.

Work is the number one stress in a person’s life followed by young children. It is important to keep relaxed during stressful times, but still deal with the situation appropriately for times like these in which they are unavoidable. Also learn to eat healthy, this can make a difference in your mood levels as well as the overall health of your body.

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