IBS Symptom

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IBS Symptom – the problems with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) condition, is that the symptoms tend to flare up when you least expect them and occurs at the worst possible time.

* Most sufferers search for solutions and answers around your symptoms of IBS, often because their symptoms are flaring up again and causing much grief in their life. If this is you, put an end to your search for answers because you will find out all the information you need to know here. *

IBS Symptom

Let there be Light

Knowing the in’s and out’s of your symptoms, is the very first step to achieving good health and to learn how to keep your health together. IBS can cause a number of symptoms that can be quite sporadic by nature and it can result in confusion as to what you are being faced with.

The mystery of not knowing how your condition came about and why it is happening, can result in frustrated IBS sufferers to just become more upset with the situation. It can result in hopelessness and a loss of direction in how they are suppose to fix their health problems without the help they need.

The solution is around the corner however, so keep your chin up high and your spirits even higher. Although traditional doctors do not present you with solutions and reasonings for your IBS, that should not stop you from researching on your own. With your first step to our site, ReversingIBS, you have made the biggest step to helping your condition and reversing your IBS symptom.

IBS Symptom Analysis 101

The ailment of IBS is sourced from within the human gut. The digestive tract can play in many roles of the body, affecting your immune system, lungs, liver, kidney, bladder, spleen, heart, etc. Your gut is the front line for vitamins and nutrition. It digests the food consumed to keep your body functioning.

When your gut is compromised, it can be the result either antibiotics and/or poor diet. This causes the gut to lose balance of its beneficial bacteria, allowing yeast to proliferate. When yeast starts to take over the gut, further reducing the beneficial bacteria count, numerous symptoms will start to surface.

Your body can start to show signs of skin problems such as eczema and even versicolor. Versicolor are actually pockets of yeast on the surface of your skin. You may have times where you will feel a slight shortness of breath. You may experience a urinary tract infection, with incontinence. Your bowels especially, are the most susceptible to becoming a victim of yeast.

You can feel incontinence with defecation or a lack there of. Head-fog can come into play also, with a combination of slight dizziness. You may feel like you cannot focus your eyes properly, contrary to how you were always able to before having this IBS symptom.

This condition of bacterial imbalance can happen at any age. It is a matter of taking care of your health by preventing the use of antibiotics if unnecessary, as well as sticking to a healthy diet.

People suffering from IBS symptom can span all across the globe and no one is immune from this condition. However, some countries are less likely to be at risk because they do not consume as much refined sugars nor do they have doctors prescribing antibiotics.

Catch the Patterns

Finding a connection of your IBS symptom with other aspects of your life, can be a daunting task. Sometimes you can feel a rash of symptom flare-ups quickly after a stressful event. Other times you can have flare-up of IBS symptom after you have consumed specific foods like ice cream for example.

However, there may be times where you have not experienced any stress in the past week and you have not eaten any foods that your body does not handle well, yet your IBS symptom just flares up. You then feel completely lost as to what caused it and you lose yourself quickly, feeling a fear of life and how your future will turn out.

IBS is a very life debilitating condition and it requires serious attention. Traditional doctors will tell you that you are doing fine, only to indicate that that you need to reduce your stress levels. That is completely false and in fact, they also fail to inform you of the dangers with continuing life without any precautions.

To help with your IBS condition, try to find patterns in your life that lead to IBS symptoms. The very first pattern that you can most easily detect is likely from your diet. Certain foods can cause you grief and the most quickly identifiable ones, are the IgE foods. These IgE foods are those that create an immediate reaction in your body. The second type is IgG foods, which create a delayed reaction in your body, and it will require a daily diet/symptom journal to detect these IgG patterns.

Either way, you want to be tracking the foods that you consume and the symptoms that you experience, for a full month. Find all the patterns that you can identify and avoid those foods like the plague. Soon after, you will feel much better than you did before avoiding intolerable foods.

Random flare ups of your IBS symptom can and will happen eventhough you are avoiding your incompatible foods. However, know that your body is getting healthier and that it is attempting to reverse the damage that has been done within. Your random flare ups can and should be expected because you likely have had IBS for a long period of time.

It is not a quick process to heal the damage done to your body as a result of IBS. In fact, when you were first diagnosed with IBS, that day is likely not the first day of when your body started to struggle. Your body likely started to struggle way before you started to see doctors regarding your IBS symptom.

Give your body some time and freedom to have its occasional flare-ups and do not lose confidence in how you are helping your health. Just keep on working with your diet, consuming only foods that are compatible with your body.

Tips Provided

The most difficult change that you will likely have resistance with, is your diet. You may think that there must be a pill out there somewhere, that can just dispel your IBS symptom away. That would be ideal but the reality is, it took your body a while to reach the stage of IBS and your body has suffered alot of damage since then.

It is not as simple as reversing your IBS within a matter of days or weeks. If you really care about your future and your health, take action now and make the lifestyle change that will change your life around for the better.

There is no better life than one where you are not restricted to where you can go and what you can do. The only restriction at this point is your diet, well at least up until you feel much better. When your body strengthens, you can occasionally consume the foods that you are not compatible with.

However, the foods that you are not compatible with, are often unhealthy foods to begin with. Therefore, by keeping to your new healthy diet, you will not only do your health a favor in the long-run but also in how you feel during the day.

When you are able to commit your life to include changes in your diet, you will then be allowing yourself to transform your life around for the better. Many IBS sufferers are completely amazed with the results after changing their daily diet. Not only are they amazed with the health results but they are also surprised with how much they like their new diet.

Diet changes at the beginning can be a very daunting and fearful change. You may not like the change and you may have difficulty knowing how to make home cooked meals with just the right foods. The right foods that are compatible with your body, goes a very long ways in the short-run as well as in the long-run, for your health.

You need to stick to your new diet after discovering the foods that your body does well with, for at least the next few months. This will allow your body to be at rest instead of battling with incompatible foods and trying to expel them out of the body. Likewise, this few months of time investment to your new diet change, will be the amount of time necessary for you to begin feeling comfortable with your new diet changes, to aid with your IBS Symptom.

You will start to feel control over your IBS symptom once you implement your new diet changes over an extended period of time. It cannot be stressed often enough on how important this one change will impact your overall health. You will not even need the wish for that dream cure pill anymore.

IBS is a condition that results from prolonged damage sustained within your body and no dream pill can resolve this. That is why traditional doctors have yet to provide such a pill. However, the damage is reversible but it will require time and persistence to undo the damage. Understand that it is you, who holds the ability to reverse your IBS symptom and to get a good hold on how your health plays out.

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