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IBS User Review – What do IBS sufferers and the like, think about this Reversing IBS website?

Read the candid IBS user reviews below of what users think about this site word-by-word. After reading the content on this site, everyone has their own take dependant on their own view points and experiences.

Additionally, IBS sufferers often write to let me know how they feel about IBS and what they are experiencing. My ultimate goal that makes me happy as the founder and author of this site, is to help out all IBS sufferers around the world.

You can simply be coming to me in hopes of comfort or simply to have someone to listen to your thoughts. Alternatively, many people come to this site to seek assistance and updates on how to reverse their IBS symptoms and to understand more about this largely unknown condition.

In this site, we must not judge others and their experiences. We need to come together and bring about a friendly circle of IBS sufferers. We need to support one another by helping yourself as well as others. Reviewing this site and sharing your own symptoms provides for a great start. So I am here to ask this one question, what are you waiting for?

Below are a list of IBS user review and comments:

First Name: Abi
Country: United Kingdom
How Did You Know about this Site?: Search Engine
Question/Feedback: Hiya Kelly,

Thanks for your excellent website 🙂

I’ve been suffering from what all doctors have referred to as “IBS” since i was 14, im now 22 so i’m getting pretty fed up! All doctors I have seen have been compeltely un-helpful, tellinf me that it’s just because im stressed, one even told my mum it was her fault i was ill because she has been too over-protective?! I’ve been given the usual medications, imodium, anti-spasmodics and peppermint capsules which haven’t done any good. I had always had my suspicions that the antibiotics I took for acne when i was 13 had something to do with me starting to feel ill.

I took antibiotics daily for almost 2 years. No doctors have listened to me when i tried to tell them that I thought this had caused my problem, one actually said “yeah it probably did” without the offering any sort of adivce to reverse the problems the antibiotics had caused! Having now done excessive research myself I now believe that the reason iv felt so ill is because the yeast has overgrown in my body and I have limited good bacteria. My only worry is that having been ill now for 8 years, thats given the yeast a hell of a long time to over-grow!!!

I have decided to begin the anti-candida diet, ive done it for 3 days so far and i’m already seriously craving sugary things and bread!! Do you think that sticking at the diet for 1 month will still be enough given that iv had this problem for 8 years??

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, it definetly is inspirtational after spending time with doctors who keep telling me il never be cured, its nice to actually hear stories have people who have managed to resolve their problems 🙂

First Name: Andrew
Country: United States
Months in Treatment Program: not yet started

Your Story: I have been an IBS sufferer for almost a year now. For the first four months I didn’t see a doctor or know what to do. I had constant and chronic pain in my lower abdomen. I thought food would help me and so I ate whatever I could, but nothing helped (as I know now, it probably made it worse).

I went to a doctor and she didn’t help me at all. I have tried all sorts of things from fiber to change of diet to peppermint pills and other pills and although things help a little bit on certain days, nothing has helped go from bad to better…it’s just bad, better, bad…one day at a time, and I hated it.

Almost every day I wanted to cry. My parents and my family have no clue what I go through each day, and even though I try and explain it there is no way anyone can understand what it’s like to have a GI tract you want to rip out of yourself. I know that I never would have understood it if I wasn’t going through it.

I continue to search the internet for solutions and I have found this site. Though I don’t know what it has to offer, at this point I am willing to give it a try, as I’m running out of options it seems. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

First Name: Bailey
Country: United States
How Did You Know about this Site?: Search Engine

Your Review/Comment: I’m a 26 year old female and my GI problems took over my life 2 years ago. In the last year, I’ve been through a buffet of tests, had my gallbladder removed, and I’ve been on numerous medications. I haven’t been able to eat a regular diet for any length of time and now I simply dread eating and the consequences that follow.

I also had to give up running as a regular part of my life and while I still aim to exercise, it’s extremely difficult to plan workouts when i never know how my bowels will act.

My problems initially started with extreme bloating and gas along with diarrhea and only occasional constipation. Now, my symptoms are mainly constipation. I started taking mirilax once a day recommended by my doctor. This helps but I’m looking for a healthier, more long term solution. I’m going to give the one month diet plan a try and am hopeful that it will help me.

First Name: Angela
Country: United Kingdom

Your Review/Comment: I am a 42 year old female who has lived with IBS most of my life, although only the last few years realising it was IBS. I used to get bouts of nausea, belching and bloating as well as the mixed bowel movements but after few weeks of discomfort, it used to go by itself and life continued. That was UP UNTIL GASTRIC FLU January this year.

A high majority of sufferers get a flare after this type of flu, but I experienced the worse IBS to date. I had dizziness, nausea, really bad gut pain, like a low ache you couldn’t rub, belching all day and generally feeling unwell. IBS takes up your whole life, you are constantly in pain wondering when it will go, when you will start to feel NORMAL.

I also had lower back ache as well. Eating food started to become scary. How could something so natural as eating become your enemy? I found your wonderful website after googling IBS and dizziness as with the palpitations, I really thought I was going mad!

Then the website recommended the exclusion diet. I was desperate and didn’t want to go to the doctor who would have just given me tablets. It made TOTAL sense to give up caffeine, wheat, alcohol and diary to rid my gut of the bad bacteria build up from the flu. I have never restricted my diet before. The golden words, ‘patience is the key’ saved me. The results are not over night.

I kept a diary and week by week I started to feel a little better and today 2 1/2 months after contracting gastric flu I feel so much better. I can have a movement without pain after, can FINALLY eat a meal without the onset of chronic indigestion or pain of feeling spasms along your gut. I cannot thank you enough for getting my life back on track. I was seriously depressed with my condition.

It was not easy to give up wheat and diary as I realise it’s in A LOT of foods I didn’t know before. I eat a lot of rice and chicken and salad. Now I have been slowly introducing these excluded foods back in, I’m not going mad, just a little bit each day to test the water. I have learnt how to look after my gut a little better now! It has been an education. S

orry for such a long post but had to spend time to thank you for your site and encourage sufferers like me to do the exclusion diet and STICK WITH IT! It works! P.S Also, exercise is vital too, even if just for serotin levels.

First Name: Sharon
Country: United Kingdom
How Did You Know about this Site?: Search Engine

Your Review/Comment: I have been suffering with IBS for over 35 years (I am 47 now) and it has made my life hell. My doctors, etc., have been superb and have always provided me with the most natural products to assist my pain and discomfort and have always been totally understanding as to what I am going through but it now seems to be getting worse and I am becoming increasingly desperate.

I just discovered your website today even though I have looked at many in the past and have books. Your website provides by far the best and most comprehensive information and you have given me new strength to try to beat (or at least eliminate as far as possible as it does seem to be incurable) this debilitating, excrucitatingly painful (physically and emotionally) and depressing for loved ones too) condition.

Thank you so so much and I have marked your website as a favorite so I can keep coming back as you have so much information. Today is the start of a new life for me, thanks to you.

First Name: Andres
Country: Panama
How Did You Know about this Site?: Search Engine

Your Review/Comment: hi , no questions or anything like that this time :). just wanted to tell you that you are just simply goddamn awesome. i did the diet plan for about a month , I’m fully vegan now and started taking prebiotics/probiotics (ultimate flora 50 billion specifically) and vegan multivitamins ( DEVA VEGAN ) and I’ve been improving a lot since i started the diet plan . I’m honestly not at 100% and probably never will be ; but I’m feeling pretty normal and human , thanks to you . I’ve been drinking scotch for 3 days now for the holidays and such , and havent feel any ibs symptoms , so another reason to tell u that U AWESOME . i truly hope u had a nice xmas and hope that the good karma you are spreading comes back at you multiplied by 1000. THANKS A LOT ;P.S : incase you forgot ….. U SO AWESOME 🙂

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