IBS Weight Gain or Loss

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Is IBS weight gain / loss causing you to suddenly change weight? Feel no control over this change? Understand more about this, and learn how to prevent it!

IBS weight gain or loss is a symptom where you start to increase or decrease your body weight unwillingly. This happens over a short period of time.

*I have experienced dramatic weight loss and this further damaged my health as a result. Let me explain why this happens and how to stop it.*

Scale Weight Loss or Gain

When you gain or lose weight suddenly it is a red flag to perform a status check on your health. It is important to read the signs that your body is providing and determine what is happening to your general well-being. IBS weight gain or loss should not be ignored.

There are primarily two causes that would lead this to happen:

1) Excessive Eating

With IBS present, your diet is generally limited to only so many items. However, many IBS sufferers tend to eat beyond normal amounts due to cravings; a result of bacterial imbalance. It is important to conform your diet to normal servings and not allow yourself to over-eat.

2) Digestion Problem

When there exists a bacterial imbalance in your gut, the food ingested would not be broken down correctly before traveling through your intestines. This can lead to either a weight gain or loss.

Weight Gain

With the imbalance of bacteria in your body, this may cause you to crave items that contain sugar, bread, etc. The ingestion of these types of food can cause your weight to increase.

Weight Loss

On the other hand, the lack of food absorption due to improperly digested food could cause a quick decrease in your weight. This is because you are lacking sufficient nutrients in your system.

The symptoms of diarrhea or constipation are not the primary determining factors for weight gain or loss, if they exists.

The key to solving unintentional weight change:

The main problem that needs to be reversed is the imbalance of bacteria in your body. Rebalancing the bacteria levels would eliminate the various food cravings as well as the digestion problem.

Follow the same guidelines that are provided to solve the diarrhea symptom. Click here for the solution that will help you to rebalance your body with the correct levels of bacteria and prevent your body from experiencing weight changes. When the bacteria returns to normal levels, your body weight would slowly adjust back to your regular weight.

Always remember that patience and persistence is key when following the guidelines provided.

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