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IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that needs to be treated early before it progresses into a more complex health issue.

The Fairytale Speech

Medical doctors will tell you that this condition requires no treatment and that it is all in your head. Their recommendation often sounds like this, “Just try to relax and reduce the amount of stress on a daily basis to manage your symptoms”.

Sure this solution sounds right if it were minor symptoms and if this condition was a temporary situation such as the common cold. However, this condition is the opposite, not only is it chronic but the symptoms are also very debilitating.

Heartfelt Chaos

Many sufferers often find that they have to stay close to a washroom and often minimize their opportunities to socialize with others due to the possible embarrassment of their symptoms or as a preventative measure to avoid symptom flare-ups.

As a result of these chronic symptoms, it is crucial that a treatment be found to help reverse the severity of the symptoms and ultimately to strip away your symptoms permanently.

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There is Much Hope!

When you start to seek alternative treatments and make changes to your daily diet, you will begin to see major positive changes in your symptoms.

Medical doctors do not believe that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is treatable, however it is well-known amongst the Irritable Bowel Syndrome community that many options are available to reduce and in many cases completely eliminate specific symptoms.

The longer you wait to take action, the longer it would take to reverse your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Part 2 (continued)

IBS – The condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a very frustrating phenomenon to understand and even more so, to endure. There is never a quick solution to this problem, when the condition stemmed from an ongoing damage from the past. However we do have answers and solutions to reverse the damage and symptoms.

* Handling your health with extreme diligence and care, through your own trivial efforts, will not work in continual successes. It must be a guided solution in which, true and tried therapies and herbs have been used to help IBS sufferers, with great success rates.

Making the Right Choices

When looking over your health and what it has now become, it can be quite depressing and it can quickly fill you with much despair. However, these situations allow for the most opportunistic gaps to gain changes and life learnings. They say “you will never learn until it is too late”, and this is very true as it is hard to learn what not to do, until you realize the outcomes of your actions.

In life, everybody has choices in how they respond to a situation and how they take care of their health. When you are given the opportunity to eat baked goods, do you eat many, a few, one, or none? When a doctor specifies that you should take antibiotics for the ailment that you have, do you take this suggestion?

All of these questions can be prompted to every individual and it is their choices that often leads one to the condition of IBS. This condition did not result through birth, but is rather a reflection of the choices you have made in the past as well as a bit of bad fortune that has come your way.

You cannot shape the opportunities that you experience, but you can decide what actions you take, given the situation that has immediately occurred. Do you select the choice that benefits your health or do you select the choice that gives into your urges? Do you select an easy out or do you select a choice that is thoroughly researched to ensure that it is not damaging to your health?

Let’s dive into more detail as to what is being said here. Chances are extremely high that you have IBS either as a result of gorging on fast foods or other heavily refined food products in the past. This also includes products that are high in refined sugar content. The other reasons can be that you decided to take antibiotics for a flu, sore throat, or other reasons.

The most difficult thing to hear is that you cannot change the past. If you are given the ability now to have not consumed those heavily refined food products, you will likely have done that knowing the consequences would be IBS.

Likewise, if a doctor prescribed you with an antibiotic, you will more than likely see if there are any other type of alternative treatment through the herbal channels that can do the same thing but minus the side effects and damage that antibiotics often cause to individuals.

Many people to this day, who are lucky enough not yet be to inflicted with IBS, still do not know the dangers of eating heavily refined foods or taking antibiotics. It really only takes a few habits of poor diet, to go onto a streak of poor diet for a long period of time. Likewise, it only takes a quick wrong turn, for you to place the antibiotics into your mouth.

Doctors do not tell you the full picture of the consequences that antibiotics can do to your body. It can truly ruin your gut environment, damaging what your body has worked so hard to create since birth, to have a healthy balance of flora, just to have it ruined with antibiotics.

These very doctors are becoming more aware of antibiotic side effects and they are ever more guilty now and deciding twice before prescribing antibiotics because of the patients that run back to them, giving them the stern reality of what their prescription has done to their body. With these individual patients having their life affected for the long-term in a very negative way.

Managing Expectations & Setting Goals

Knowing that the wrong choices were made, will only help you if you are able to recover from this valuable life-learned lesson. Most IBS sufferers do not care enough regarding this lesson, despite the symptoms, because they have lost all hope thinking this condition cannot be healed, so what is there really to learn.

Well, this is false, as the IBS condition can truly be reversed to the point where you regain your self-confidence in life, you rebuild your health, your nervous system, eliminating your symptoms, rebuilding your social life, being forth the positive, etc. There is much hope for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers as there are enough success rates to prove that you can regain what is lost.

However, knowing that you can reverse the situation is one thing, knowing how you got IBS and how to prevent it from happening again, is another. Never allow yourself to be vulnerable to this condition again once you are able to reverse the condition back to health.

Take the time that you need ever so much to reflect on what has happened to you, resulting in this very day. Now focus on the life that you have always wanted and what your life would be without this condition of IBS. Now place in the level of effort that you are willing to place into your health. Let us tell you this, it is not quick and easy to reverse your condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

It will take much time, effort, and endurance to heal your IBS. So take the time to truly manage your expectations and be realistic in how much time you truly need to heal this condition, as well as the level of effort you must place into this. You will need at least three to nine months of dedicated efforts to heal your situation and to benefit from all of your efforts.

Once you have your current situation clarified, your goals set, and your efforts gauged, you can now jump into healing your health. This condition is extremely relentless as it affects your gut, so make sure that you are patient with yourself.

Every single day, you must drink water and consume food in order to keep yourself nutritioned well. This means that your digestive system works almost throughout the day and even into the night. Your intestines have very little time to rest, so this means that you must help your body out as much as you possibly can, in this time of need.

Minimizing Irritability Factors and Optimizing Responses

Once you have your situation setup for success, you can now focus on what it is that you need to do, to reach success. This involves three areas in order to help with your IBS condition and to heal the situation. You want to ensure that you have the following three items worked on in order to relieve and reverse your symptoms:

Herbal Supplements
Alternative Therapies

The Diet

These big three items can truly help to clear out your symptoms by undoing the damage that you have done to your intestinal region. Whether it be caused by poor diet or the use of antibiotics, it does not matter. The damages that have already occurred to your intestines is relatively the same, with the flora unbalanced, and your gut leaky.

Allergies have likely already developed, meaning that the foods that you eat are culprits in the reason that you are experiencing symptoms. For those who are newly afflicted, you will not know that the foods are the ones causing your symptoms as you may have never had allergies to foods before.

It will take some time for the newly afflicted IBS sufferers to realize the allergies to foods. For those who already know that foods are causing their symptoms, you need to start changing your diet. Diet plays one of the most important aspects to reducing your symptoms to the point where you can partake in activities without worrying about your symptoms.

Changes to your diet may also be difficult to do but know that your efforts need to be placed in this area because the lack of effort in this area, will likely lead to failure in resolving your symptoms. You need to be diligent in your diet and know which foods aggravate your body.

Recipes have been placed together for those who need help in knowing what foods are commonly agreeable with Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers. Following these recipes have led many sufferers to experience the much needed daily relief from the aggravating symptoms they endure consistently.

Supplement with Herbs

Herbal supplements is the second area of where you can help the body with the use of additional products that the body can utilize to help itself. Diet helps play a major role but with the aid of supplements, it will further benefit the situation and help your body to rest as well as heal.

Our ancestors have used many products derived from plants in order to help with ailments and this method will never stop for as long as we survive. We will always be using plant and nature derived products to help with our health as we were meant to use these products. There is a reason why these items exist by nature and why our ancestors have used it with much success.

Using Alternative Therapies

Last but never the least, alternative therapy is a third factor that can truly help to not only reverse your IBS, but to help make the first change to some of your symptoms. Some symptoms are quite stubborn and will require therapies in order for them to truly resolve.

There are many types of treatments available but the ones listed have been tried and reviews of each are provided. Some of them have been used with much success with IBS sufferers and it can truly change the symptoms that are experienced by many sufferers.

The treatments not only help the situation on a temporary basis, but with enough treatments it can treat the body as a whole and reverse the symptoms completely. It is a matter of knowing what treatment helps with which symptoms and these are also divulged to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome community who are ReversingIBS readers.

In Conclusion

Using all three of these aspects well and fluidly will create phenomenal changes to your condition, this is key. Utilizing the changes in these three areas can also change your overall health for the better even if you do not have pre-existing conditions. That is why, these combinations work so well for those who have the most to gain from it.

Do not expect immediate results when working with these three aspects to help reverse your condition. However, you can look forward to these much needed changes to your health with time, as you work on these three items. Try not to lose confidence in the results as what you are doing are likely helping but the results may not be apparent as you are working on the root of the problem and not just the surface, this will take more time.

Patience is always the key with reversing this condition and you also need to be persistent. If you can work on these three aspects and have the two P’s (patience and persistence) in play at all times, you will be able to heal your symptoms with time. The founder of ReversingIBS is living proof that this condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be first managed, then eliminated altogether.

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