Intestinal Cleanse and IBS

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Intestinal Cleanse and IBS – Find out the available ways to clean out your colon for a better standard of living.

A Word of Caution

There have been alot of gimmicks and advertisements about the benefits of cleaning your colon. Although many of the benefits have not been scientifically proven, the advertisers have still promoted them as such. Therefore, it is important for you to truly understand what the cleaning does to your gut and how the benefits are attained.

Defining your Path

Before you dig further to understand which type of intestinal cleaning that you want to follow, it is beneficial to first understand what types of symptoms you have and a clear path on how it is possible to reverse them.

What is Available?

There are herbal remedies that are available that can clean out your intestinal system by ridding of all the toxins that have accumulated over the years. These toxins may consists of lead, heavy metals, yeast overgrowth, etc. This method is truly known and proven to provide positive results, but the range of results is of course dependant on the brand that you use; quality of the product.

If you follow through with the herbal remedies and at the same time, start on a restricted diet that conforms to only IBS friendly foods, you will surely notice extremely beneficial results. This type of detox and intestinal cleaning, can be done yearly and even by individuals who are otherwise healthly without the IBS condition.

Intestinal Cleanse and IBS

Which Cleaning Methods to Avoid

Another type of colon cleansing involves the use of water and a tube to irrigate the colon. This type of treatment is highly discouraged by all means. Although some people may have tried these types of procedures and have found themselves to be lighter and more alert, it may in other cases, lead to deadly results.

Should the tube lacerate your colon, it can lead to severe infections that can take your life. Similarly, if the colon is cleaned out too well, you can experience extreme nausea and possibly fall into a life-threatening state as it is crucial that your colon has the necessary bacteria and growth in that area.

Location of Additional Information

If you would like further information regarding any of the types of methods discussed, you can further review the materials available in this site and/or contact a qualified local health practitioner. If you would like to specifically know more about intestinal cleanse and IBS, using irrigation techniques, review the Colonics section.

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