Irritable Bowel Disease

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Irritable Bowel Disease – A condition of dybiosis where there exists an imbalance of natural flora in your intestines.

* Intestinal flora is essential for many reasons with one of the primary purpose is to protect your physical health by acting as the overall immune system for the entire body *

Irritable Bowel Disease

The Silent Diseases

Irritable Bowel Disease is a condition that inflicts many Americans and Canadians due to the new changes in the diet over the recent decades. Foods are becoming far more processed than in the past and not only that but the nutrients/vitamins are scarce.

Due to the new methods of seeding and the use of chemicals, it is becoming more evident as to why we are being inflicted with more diseases than any past generations. The varieties of ailments including the confusion of the source problems, is raising a large concern on how our modern foods are causing a silent pandemic.

Absence of Modern Science

With the presence of all these new diseases, it is becoming more visible as to how our modern day doctors are becoming far more incapable of dealing/reversing our current day ailents. Modern medicine continues to strive but falls behind on a large number of diseases that exists today.

In fact, the older, more ancient medicines are becoming popular again as it is revived to help with modern day ailments like Irritable Bowel Disease. The reason for its revival and successes, is because ancient medicine deals with the source of the ailment and not the symptoms that are produced.

The Ant Analogy

The ability to tackle the root of the problem is far more beneficial than attempting to work on the symptoms. Allowing the source problem to exists, results in this very problem causing more havoc to the body. An analogy would be to allow an ant to continue chewing bits of skin off the surface of your arm, meanwhile you attempt to place topical treatment like polysporin on the surface of the skin.

The ant will continue to chew for as long as it is alive and roaming on your arm. The ancient medicine techniques when applied to this analogy, would work on eliminating the ant so the chewing stops. The body is further aided with a boost to the immune system to help with healing the surface of the skin.

Once all is said and done, your arm would heal permanently and there would no longer be any wounds inflicted on your arm again. This is the ultimate solution that modern medicinal education does not focus on and it really does us a disfavor as a result.

Ancient Medicines/Therapies

When it comes down to what types of ancient therapies are available, well there are many. There are so many, that there exists therapies that are unknown on the internet, that can truly help with Irritable Bowel Disease. This means that you have to find a doctor that practices that technique and they may practice outside of your country.

Have no despair however as many of these therapies exists at your location. These include Traditinal Chinese Medicine (TCM) which are a combination of acupuncture and/or herbal medications. The herbal medications in this case, are very mild and focuses on the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.

Other types of therapies include Ayurveda. This is yet to be a popular therapy to be used in the western hemisphere. The origins is from India and many of the elders practice this therapy to heal those with any type of ailment with great successes. It works on the body and enables the body to defeat the ailment rather than treating the symptoms.

Tips Provided

When you are seeking to reverse your IBS symptoms, it is important to look at your Irritable Bowel Disease as a type of condition with a root cause attached to it. A sufferer does not encounter symptoms without something causing the aggravation. That something is the most important question and often ancient therapies are able to tackle them by the use of certain techniques, working on the source problem hence resulting in less symptoms.

Once the therapy is stopped, the symptoms remain at that level, since the results are permanent. This means that the source of the problem was worked on instead of just the symptoms.

There are many important items to take note of when searching for the right therapy. The doctor that you work with must have a good connection with yourself. Also being able to ask the right questions to find the root of your problem. This allows the practitioner to prescribe the right therapies that will most likely hit the root problem.

Before attempting the use of any new practitioner, it is important to first speak to a family physician to receive their input prior to plunging into a new treatment plan. The physician can also monitor your health to ensure that it does not slide in the opposite direction of where you want it to head.

At the end of the day, it really does not matter how difficult the new therapy may be to follow or how much it cost. There is a saying that being blessed with a loving family and healthy financials is important, but without health you have nothing. Those that suffer from chronic health issues are often the only ones that know how important this saying is, to all the life forms.

Never try to jump from one practitioner to the next for your Irritable Bowel Disease. If you feel that the practitioner is a right fit for you and you think there are some positive results, stick to it. Once you plateau with one practitioner, you can then move on to the next to seek help from.

It is not encouraged to seek a number of treatment programs at one time, as mixed treatments can result in negatory affects that you may not be very thankful for. Some therapies can be combined with others but be sure to ask your practitioner when you are unsure.

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