Irritated Bowel

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Irritated Bowel – learning how the bowel has become irritated is an important role to healing the problem.

* It is your responsibility to bring your own health back on track and your perseverance is what will make all the difference.*

Irritated Bowel

Why an Irritated Bowel

The bowel has become irritated over time because of an incorrect move or through prolonged neglect to the health. What this means is that the past use of antibiotics or the prolonged poor diet had ruined the flora in your gut.

When the imbalance of flora occurs in the gut, this allows for a condition called the Leaky Gut Syndrome to occur. When this happens the yeast proliferates beyond its normal levels and it mutates, building roots that dig into the walls of the intestines.

When holes exist in the gut, it allows for food particles to enter the blood stream and when this happens, many different allergies will occur in the body resulting in symptoms. The body’s immune system begins to attack the food particles that entered the bloodstream.

When this attack happens, histamines results and this means that the allergies will be felt. It is not an easy quick fix and will take time to rectify this problem by reflourishing the beneficial bacteria in the bowel and to restrict the yeast counts.

The Symptoms Experienced

The symptoms will often vary within the body and the most common ones are gas/bloating, pain, stomach noises, and diarrhea/constipation. When the Leaky Gut Syndrome happens, the food particles are already in the bloodstream and this can then affect all of your organs including the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, etc.

This is why many people with an irritated bowel often have eczema because their lungs are affected. The health of the lung is presented through the surface of the skin. When the lungs in the body are trying to expel toxins, this is when the eczema becomes present on the skin.

Nervousness is often another attribute of the irritated bowel and it is the result of the nerve and hormones being affected by the nerve endings in the gut. The gut contains most of the body’s serotonin production and this results in the nervous system being affected.

How to Clear out the Gut

The very first step to reversing the irritated bowel, will be difficult. The reason for the difficulty, is because the steps involve a serious lifestyle change. What this involves is eliminating your social outing to restaurants and limit it to only home cooked food. This means that if you do not know how to cook, you will need to learn. Otherwise someone else will need to cook specific meal plans for you.

The diet is going to play an enormous role in returning your health to an optimal level. You will need to know that many foods are causing your body to work overtime and this needs to be worked on first. This will allow for changes to occur in your body for the better.

This means that you’ll need to follow the IBS Diet Plan in full without diverting by any means whatsoever during the one month long diet plan. It will be difficult to follow during your first attempt as you may not be use to the foods allowed and disallowed.

However it is guaranteed that if you do follow this meal plan, you will feel heaps better in the very near future as the results will be felt. There is no doubt that you will start to feel better, think clearer, become more confident and see that the symptoms can indeed be reversed.

How Long will it take

Well, this is very individalized as some irritated bowel sufferers are very loyal to the diet plan and stick to it very closely. These are the ones with the highest success rates and those with the most significant changes in their symptoms. They are thankful as well as being extremely happy with their results.

Other IBS sufferers may divert from the meal plan about two weeks in and then lose track completely just to realize that their symptoms have not improved. They then attempt the plan in another month where they feel it is most possible to do so. They eventually find the results that they are looking for but only after a few hiccups along the way as they adapt to the new lifestyle change.

Tips Provided

Simply understand that with an irritated bowel, it will take a lifestyle change to truly reverse your symptoms. It is not as easy as taking a few pills and wishing your symptoms away. It will be a journey for you and this journey will take you to a place where you will enjoy life far more than how you are currently.

Sacrificing your lifestyle for your health is truly a no brainer. Without having health, you cannot enjoy anything in life. With a new lifestyle and a much better health, you can slowly incorporate all the fun activities that you did enjoy before.

It is taking the first few steps that often creates boundaries and barriers that hinder your path to success with your health. Always keep your mind collected and set the goal of having your health better than it ever was in the next coming months. The longer you delay, the more work your body will need to endure over that time. There will never be a better time to start other than now.

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