Lipase and IBS

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Lipase and IBS – Are you having troubles breaking down the fats in your diet?

A Common Issue

If you are experiencing problems digesting fatty foods, you are not alone. Many people have problems or symptoms after they eat foods that have lots of fat. One tip that can help you to better digest the foods, is to chew your foods thoroughly.

The Right Fit for Digestive Aids

Once you have made it a habit to chew your foods well, this will reward you well in terms of decreased symptoms. Ensure that you also take digestive enzymes that have sufficient lipase amounts in the pills. Consult with a qualified practitioner to determine the right strength of digestive enzymes for you.

The Duration of Use

It will take a while of using digestive enzymes before your body begins to reproduce normal amounts of lipase naturally to breakdown fatty foods. This is only the case if your only problem is IBS and you do not have any underlying pancreas problems.

Do not expect to take digestive enzyme supplements for only a period of a few weeks and expect your body to start functioning normally. It is important to be able to manage your own expectations appropriately and not to give up quickly when symptoms appear to be stubborn.

Lipase and IBS

Be Persistent and Patient

IBS in general, comprises of many stubborn symptoms and they are not easy to reverse. Over time however, with some persistence and patience, you will notice results. An interesting fact that may amaze you about lipase, is that some products such as cheese, has lipase added to the ingredients.

Should you have severe problems after eating fatty foods and following the tips provided with the chewing habits plus the digestive enzymes, then your problem may be a much bigger issue on its own. It would be important to contact a physician for further testing as this is not a symptom of IBS.

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