Men with IBS

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Men with IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome is much more prevalent in women but men can also have IBS.

There are No Gender Specific Symptoms

When men have the IBS condition, the symptoms can be just as severe as it is in women. There are no gender specific symptoms for male versus the symptoms for females. However, statistically IBS often inflicts women far more than it does for men.

Women Tend to be More Vulnerable

This can be due to the fact that men do not often seek treatment for IBS due to the embarrassment of the symptoms. Others have a mild form of IBS and they do not feel the need to seek treatment for this. Women can have the same amount of pain but yet, women are often more sensitive, so the pain seems to be heightened.

Women also have their menstrual cycles so when this happens, the IBS symptoms are reported to be much worse. For men, those who have higher testosterone levels, experienced less symptoms versus those with lower levels of testosterone.

Effects of Hormone Levels

Furthermore, men who have higher hormone levels, are less likely to have IBS and those with lower levels of hormone are more often inflicted with the IBS condition. Whether these lab studies are coincidental or if they hold some truth, it is hard to tell.

Men with IBS

Men are also less likely to experience depression and anxiety than women. Researchers are leaning towards these factors to play a role in the possibility of having IBS.

Inconclusive Results

Although research statistics and lab studies have evolved over the years, they are not enough to fully conclude the absolute reasons for the different percentage rates between men and women being inflicted with IBS. Research has more or less headed in the right direction, however it continues to require more funding programs.

Have some Faith in IBS Reversal

For all the mens with IBS, have hope that IBS can be reversed with time and persistence. There are many ways to dampen your symptoms of IBS and to eventually reverse them to remission. Work with an alternative health care practitioner and seek the treatments that have been recommended on this site.

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