Metamucil IBS

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Metamucil IBS – Are you consuming enough fiber in your diet to help you out with your IBS symptoms?

Making Fiber the Solution

When IBS sufferers are experiencing diarrhea or constipation, they often seek the help of their diet to help with their bowel movements. When you have added bulk in your stool, it helps the waste to move smoothly through the intestines.

When you notice that a change in their diet does not help, you may consider the use of metamucil to help enhance the bulk of the stool. This method is often successful with many IBS sufferers, experiencing the same symptoms. The use of metamucil can be helpful for those with IBS constipation as well as those with diarrhea.

Multi-Effects of Fiber

Now those with constipation, the metamucil would help to create bulk and softness in the stool so that it makes it easier to push the stool out and minimizes the feeling of pain during the transition. On the other hand, those with diarrhea often find that metamucil adds bulk to the stool and can sometimes help to slow down and regulate the transition better.

Try to work with the metamucil servings and follow the instructions that are provided on the label. Should you find that the stool is not bulky enough, you can always increase the use of metamucil by a small amount to suit your needs.

Metamucil IBS

Keep Fiber Usage Consistent

It is encouraged to use the metamucil for a period of time until you start to find relief from your bowel movement symptoms. Do not stop the consumption of fiber supplements immediately after you notice relief, but instead, just keep on it until your body starts to regulate some consistency in the bowel movements.

Slowly decrease the metamucil once you find that your bowel movements have stablized over a period of time. Do not suddenly remove the use of metamucil as it will not be as effective opposed to the gradual decrease of fiber supplements.

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