Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint Oil – What benefits can the use of this oil bring to you? The answer is simply many and best of all, because peppermint is a natural ingredient not made from synthesized products, the side effects are non-existent.

* This oil is extracted from the leaf of a plant and with today’s technology of the extraction process, we now have complete portability and the expiry duration is no longer a barrier. *

Peppermint Oil

Why Peppermint Based Oil

The use of peppermint has been known for centuries. In fact, it has many benefits ranging from internal to external bodily uses. To see the value of some of the bodily uses, the list will provide you with more information:

  • Pain Relief – We can use the peppermint in an oil based form as a topical treatment, by rubbing some oil on the surface of the body and the soothing/cooling effect helps to alleviate the sensation of pain.  
  • Headaches – Typically, we can use this oil and have it applied in a diluted concentration directly to the side of the forehead to alleviate the head pain.  
  • Nausea – We can quickly open a bottle of peppermint in an oil-based form or break-open a capsule to inhale the soothing effects of the oil. When the smell is registered with our sensory organs, it helps to settle the stomach and minimize the nausea.  
  • Blood Circulation – When this oil is consumed within the body, it helps to increase blood circulation, helping to prevent dizziness.  
  • Indigestion – The use of this oil can help to remove gas in the intestines and to aid in the digestive properties. Typically you would schedule the intake of the capsule or a few drops of this oil in water only after you have finished your meal.  
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Those who have IBS understand that when symptoms flare up, it is often relating to the digestive part of the body. Whether the intestines are in a knot, pain in the stomach, bloating, gas, upset stomach, the oil has a very incredible effect on relaxing the inner gut and alleviating any pain/uneasiness including the elimination of gas. For more information on the benefits of Peppermint Oil and IBS, have a look at the following section.      
  • Forms of Peppermint The various forms of peppermint that may be found in today’s market are many. Here are a few of the forms in which you can find the oil in:  
    • Capsules
    • Tincture/Liquid
    • Dried Leaves/Tea
    • Fresh Whole Leaves
    • Grounded Fresh Leaves
    • Fragrance
    • Hard/Candied

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