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PMS and IBS – Is your symptoms of menstruation being escalated by the Irritable Bowel Syndrome condition?

Double Trouble

When you have PMS, it is already hard enough to deal with on its own. Having the condition of IBS will only escalate the symptoms to another height where it is extremely tough to manage. There are ways to minimize the degree of your symptoms when they occur.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Most women complain about the level of pain experienced with Irritable Bowel Syndrome plus their monthly menstrual cycle. One method that can help is through the treatment of Acupuncture. Many people may not know that Acupuncture can really help minimize or stop the pain that is experienced as a result of PMS and/or IBS.

A Thorough Health Assessment

What an Acupuncturist will typically do, is review an assessment of your symptoms as well as your medical history. Once they understand your history and complaints, they often would check your pulse by placing their fingers on your wrist. Many of the more experienced Acupuncturist would also ask to see your tongue.

From the pulse assessment and from what is seen on your tongue, it will help an Acupuncturist tremendously, to understand the areas where you present strength and those that are weak. For the weak areas, the Acupuncturist will focus on restrengthening them to create a balanced system in your body.


Essentially, when the body is balanced and functioning with normal rhythms, it tends to present less pain in the gut on a daily basis during the initial or active phases of your PMS. Little needles are poked into your body and it should not be painful but instead feeling numb.

The Number of Treatments

Several iterations of Acupuncture treatments are needed in order for you to notice long-term results. For many however, one treatment can present them with reduced or halted pain experienced in their body. Many women with PMS, experience pain in the lower back region and this can be immediately relieved with one session of Acupuncture, although IBS pain takes more treatments than just one.

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