Prevalence of IBS

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Prevalence of IBS – The existence of IBS can be quite overwhelming when placing the statistics together.

The Western Way

In North America, the existence of IBS is highly present and affects millions of Americans year after year. The main attributing factor for this is not stress, but instead, the easy access and consistent usage of antibiotics for all kinds of bacteria ailments.

When someone has an infection, it is often the case that a western physician would prescribe the patient with antibiotics. Antibiotics kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, not only the bad ones that are solely the focus, but also the good bacteria as well.

Eliminating Life Essentials

When the sensitive flora in your gut has been wiped out by the use of antibiotics, the body struggles and has a hard time working normally due to the disrupted environment that it now needs to work with. An example of this, is when you clean out a fish tank sparkling clean, also using soap to wash out the filtration system of the tank.

Guess what happens to the fishes? It is often that they start to breathe harder, functional abnormally and eventually die. The reason is because they require bacteria in the water and in the tank, in order to provide the fishes with a balance of bacteria in which it requires to survive.

Prevalence of IBS

The Eastern Way

In the eastern hemisphere such as China, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is rarely a complaint at the medical clinics due to the low and rare usage of antibiotics. The Chinese have been known to use herbal remedies for ailments and thus, never have applications where it is possible to disrupt the healthy flora of the gut.

The stress levels in the eastern areas are of the same levels on average, compared to those in the western hemisphere. So it is extremely clear, where the problem lies and the underlying reasons for patients to have the IBS condition in the western hemisphere. The western hemisphere having the largest prevalence of IBS and the root cause of this is transparent.

The Reasons are Clear

The largest contributing factor in the western hemisphere, is the medications that are prescribed in this area, specifically antibiotics. Although antibiotics work well for the problem that is targeted, it results in unknown and mysterious conditions such as IBS that physicians often take no responsibility for, when it becomes present.

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