Adrenal Fatigue Connections with IBS

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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #007 — Adrenal Fatigue Connections with IBS
May 09, 2011


Those who are suffering from many unusual Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms, know that it is awfully frustrating to understand what it is, that is occurring within their very own bodies. Furthermore, the confusion continues to grow as physicians are consulted, only to provide you with reassurance that you are fine. However, your body can continue to deteriorate and you can feel more severe effects of ill-health which can lead to permanent damage if your body is left struggling for too long.

The truth of the matter is, those who have been diagnosed with IBS, often have a number of irregularities in the body, resulting in an array of symptoms. In fact, these irregularities are more than sufficient to cause some significant damage to your body. The longer that your symptoms are left as-is, the more likely that you are to suffer more severe cases of your symptoms at random times. Traditional medications provided by your physician are only targeted to treat the symptoms and even then, provide only temporarily relief. The effects of these prescribed drugs often lose their effectiveness over time, requiring higher doses.

The most concerning fact is that many IBS sufferers are either prescribed with stomach acid reducers, anti-depression, and/or anti-spasmodics. Many of these medications are either prescribed with insufficient patient history information and/or not enough thorough evaluation. Additionally, these medications frequently lead to dependencies and withdrawal symptoms.
Empower Yourself with Knowledge

The amount of empowerment that is passed on by IBS sufferers such as yourselves, to physicians, is often an unsurpassable amount of trust and confidence. We all seek the aid of a physician because we know that they have a well-educated background and they can heal our problems when our bodies cannot. For many types of ailments like the common cold, fever, strep throat, and physical injury, including many others, are often diagnosed correctly and provided with the correct treatment plan by your physicians.

With IBS however, the entire situation changes because this condition is not one where a successful treatment plan is available, nor do physicians truly understand this condition. The obvious lack of knowledge becomes apparent when physicians need to go through the process of elimination to diagnose you with IBS. If you are not diagnosed with any other type of identifiable ailment, and the symptoms relate to those commonly found in IBS, then you are told you have IBS. How does this measure up you ask? Well, it truly does not add up, and many long-time IBS sufferers have stopped seeking help from their physician due to their lack of knowledge and know-how in this area.

Unfortunately, your recovery time from the IBS condition, is fully dependent on yourself. However, it is also the fortunate side of things, because this means that you can add to your own knowledge and take control of your own health.
Seeking the Aid of a Naturopath

It is very common to turn your seek for help to a Naturopath, who practices a completely different type of medicine, which are derived from natural sources. Naturopath focuses on the source of the ailment, rather than the symptoms that are displayed. Although symptoms are used as clues and signs of what may be wrong, aiding in the process of ultimately tackling the root cause. However, it is important to know that every Naturopath has their own area of expertise and they are not all equivalent by any means.

You want to make sure that if you seek the aid of a Naturopath, that you feel a connection with him/her in terms of them knowing what your main health concerns are and how knowledgeable he/she is, in treating these areas. Walking into their office, you may find yourself quick to present all the symptoms that you are experiencing, to a Naturopath, but they can quickly become overwhelmed by the abundance of information. What they will often do after listening to your concerns, is to start at the area of most concern.

There are many competent Naturopaths available and you may find them invaluable in your search for relief of your IBS symptoms. Often the Naturopaths can bring you to a level of success but they often begin to plateau in terms of betterment to your health, after a period of time. This is where the Naturopath’s knowledge has come to exhaustion and it is time again for you to seek the next knowledgeable expert practitioner to lead to you to further success.
IBS Connection with Adrenal Fatigue

An exciting news is that often patients suffering from an array of IBS symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, bloating, nausea, bad memory, poor digestion, Tinea Versicolor, etc. are the result of a phenomenon called Adrenal Fatigue. This may be the cause for 50-60% of those suffering from IBS symptoms where they have exhausted their treatment plans. These patients may find that many of the treatments which work for others, are highly ineffective for themselves. Not every IBS sufferer is made equal and some may be suffering from other problems whereas others with a smaller subset.

Adrenal fatigue can actually add to the list of IBS symptoms or cause the symptoms to be more severe. Likewise, Adrenal Fatigue may be the main culprit in preventing you from reaching your full potential to recovery. Adrenal Fatigue is where your adrenals, which sit on top of your kidneys, have been overworked and are now working very ineffectively.

The adrenals are important to keep cortisols pumping within your body in order to allow your muscles to heal where inflammation may occur. Likewise, it can affect your anxiety/nervousness and have a primary role in keeping yourself from feeling at peace. Your blood pressure is also regulated by your adrenals, so if you find yourself seeing black when you immediately stand up from a sitting position or if you have low blood pressure, it is ideal to focus on your adrenals. Stress is a major factor in the condition of IBS and thus your adrenals are also a major connection with this ailment.
Avoid Placing the Cart Before the Horse

Although new information about Adrenal Fatigue and its connection with IBS, has been provided here, try not to lose sight of the steps required to achieve success in your recovery program with IBS. Although Adrenal Fatigue may play a major role, it is also important to understand that you need to first work on your daily diet, your gut health environment, your cellular health, and an overall chemically balanced digestive system before you should tackle other components such as Adrenal Fatigue, which are contributing to your symptoms.

As the saying goes, ‘you do not want to put the cart before the horse,’ you truly need to focus on the prerequisites necessary to build a solid footing in your health, before working on additional health components. To help guide you in the right direction from the very beginning, to set that solid footing, we have constructed an E-Book called ‘Healing IBS Steps’ which has been researched, reviewed, and used by many Naturopaths over the past couple of years, with much success in remedying the symptoms that IBS sufferers typically experience. The E-Book contains the 8 most highly effective steps to reversing your IBS symptoms.

Here is a video testimonial of an IBS sufferer who followed the guidance of the ‘Healing IBS Steps E-Book’ and had achieved significant and permanent improvement in her symptoms since.