Is IBS Really All in the Mind?

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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #003 — Is IBS all in the mind?
May 12, 2008


We begin this month’s article, by discussing as to whether there are any connections between your psychological thoughts and your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Now it is important to be clear that stress alone cannot cause a person to be inflicted with the IBS condition. Stress can however trigger your, already existant IBS symptoms, to flare up but is not the root cause.

Conventional Doctor’s Recommendation

Now how many of you have gone to the doctor and they simply told you that stress is the actual cause of your IBS symptoms to be present? I for one, have been told this many times by multiple doctors including a GI (Gastrointestinal) specialist. Take some time to think if this answer sounds reasonable to you? I personally felt that I was dismissed with a misdiagnosis.

I knew that stress can aggravate my IBS symptoms, however it was not the underlying reason for such symptoms to be present.

In fact, one doctor even recommended me to consult a psychologist. I thought that this was inappropriate, however I decided to try it out as it might have really been all in my head at the time I had IBS. I did not want to dismiss this possibility without first verifying its effectiveness.

After several sessions, I could guarantee that the IBS symptoms I was experiencing was not in my head and there was in fact something functioning or balancing incorrectly in my body, whether it be my organs, intestinal flora, etc.

The Myth of IBS being Incurable

I stopped seeing the psychologist and began my own self-help treatments to heal my IBS condition. Eventually I was able to reverse my IBS symptoms to the point that I no longer experienced them.

It is unbelievable that they call this IBS condition incurable. Till this very day I still think back and feel deeply saddened & quite emotional when I understand how little information there is available regarding IBS for IBS sufferers even till this day.

My Guarantee

As a result of this, I have made it my 1st priority to help fellow IBS sufferers to heal their IBS symptoms. No one should be experiencing chronic daily symptoms without knowing how it came about and how to heal it. I have also had chronic daily symptoms, the most significant being diarrhea for about a year and the bloating & gas/noises on a non-stop basis for a couple of years until I healed it. I definitely would not call it a “cure” as it is not a quick fix but a slow consistent healing.

A Common Cause for IBS

The cause of many IBS symptoms can be attributed to Candida. Candida occurs when the yeast within your system grows beyond normal amounts contributing to many negative symptoms. I have provided a way for you to test whether you have candida. Test yourself by performing the self-test noted here. The results should be very visible and you should have no problem determining if you passed or failed the Candida test.

Treatment and Solutions for IBS

Follow the guidelines provided in this section (Diarrhea) to help remove the yeast overgrowth in your system. The information in this section focuses on minimizing your yeast balance to normal levels. See the various sections regarding symptoms, causes and solutions here.

In concluding this e-zine, I would like to reassure you, that IBS symptoms are not all in the mind. There are indeed many types of treatments and alternative remedies available to eliminate your IBS symptoms. It is also useful for you to know, that the prescence of constant stress in your life, will not cause a person to be inflicted with IBS. However it is very beneficial to keep your stress level at a minimal.

Root Causes of IBS

The primary causes for IBS includes the use of antibiotics and a continuous diet high in refined sugars as well as processed foods. The use of antibiotics may easily disrupt the bacterial levels in your gut causing various symptoms to be present that you have never had. Similarly, an unhealthy diet filled with refined sugar would allow the yeast in your gut to feed on the excess sugar resulting in multiplying yeast counts beyond healthy amounts.

The other known cause of IBS, is due to a past illness such as the stomach flu. When you are ill, the bacteria in your body will attempt to rebalance itself, eventually leading you back to good health. This usually happens in a matter of days or in a couple of weeks. If it happens to lasts longer, chances are your body is experiencing problems attempting to rebalance the bacterial levels. This would then result in various symptoms being present in which doctors would attribute to IBS.

Self-Help Treatments for IBS

It is important however to minimize stress at all times as it can easily aggravate your IBS symptoms. Follow the solutions provided in this section as well as the IBS-friendly diets. Subscribe to my monthly Reversing IBS E-zine here and you’ll receive my free Part I and Part II 50 page e-books filled with healthy recipes to ensure that you are assisting in reversing your IBS through your diet. Diet plays a large role in your health.

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As always, take care and I wish you the best of health in the near future.

Kelly Chow