Most Effective IBS Healing Steps

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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #006 — Most Effective IBS Healing Steps
April 19, 2010


Over the many years, there have been more studies conducted and more results collected regarding IBS sufferers. Our team of editors have been able to compile a large list of data relating to a variety of treatment plans and the results achieved. We have been working intensely over the past year to come up with a full treatment plan that has been reviewed by health experts from around the world, who’s sole focus is on IBS. We have had the pleasure to work with these professionals and to gain access to some of the patient statistics. We are very proud to present to you the results of our findings. It has been a difficult road, but I believe this will be our most important article to date.

Completing the Puzzle

The data that our team had the priviledge to gain access to, were all essential to conduct our careful review of the treatment results. The IBS experts that were engaged, included naturopathic doctors, alternative practitioners, gastrointestinal specialists, physicians, and the inclusion of IBS sufferers from all over the world. There exists solid findings where certain treatments had proven benefits to an array of symptoms related to IBS. The important aspect, is that almost all of these experts only understood a piece of the entire puzzle. They would conduct a treatment plan with their patients but the positive results would eventually plateau over a period of time. This results in the loss of faith by their patients when the beneficial results gradually diminish.

The 8 Most Highly Effective Steps to Heal and Reverse your IBS Symptoms

We are very pleased to announce that our efforts have finally resulted in the construction of a carefully reviewed E-Book that contains the 8 Most Highly Effective Steps to Heal and Reverse your IBS Symptoms. This honorary E-Book has been reviewed by some of the top health expert professionals that focus on IBS. These experts were very impressed with the information that were presented in this guide and some have executed the exact same steps from this E-Book with some of their patients. During the patient follow-ups, the IBS sufferers in this program, had a very high success rate in healing and reversing their IBS symptoms. This accounts to over 80% of the hand selected patients that followed this regimen, who had very different types of IBS symptoms. These steps are now being used for all of their patients in these clinical offices. The patient results were so substantial over the past year that we have decided we are now prepared to have this E-Book available to the community of IBS sufferers for self-directed treatment. It is recommended however, that you are monitored by a health care professional.

Testimonials from some of the Patients

I have been experiencing diarrhea for most of my adult life and the doctors had told me that there was no cure. I have always had the support of my doctors when I was sick. With IBS however, I did not receive the support I was looking for. I was provided with some anti-depressants and anti-spasm medications. It did help a bit but after a while the effects started to fade. I also felt dependant on the meds. Thank you Kelly for this E-book. I can now take care of my kids without feeling the guilt of having my husband take care of them while I hide in the bedroom for the better part of the day. I am on my third month and finishing off the pH balance tabs. My diarrhea has very much tapered off. I kind of admit that I never expected this day to come. I guess I should never say never.

-Sylvia Sauseda

You have revealed the 8th wonder of the world. IBS has affected my life for over 10 years and I never thought I would once again be able to travel to see two of the seven wonders of the world. I have been able to see The Great Pyramid of Giza in El Giza, Egypt and Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. You have saved my life from much despair over the years. The guide was easy to follow and I did not even follow the instructions 100%, yet I feel heaps better. I feel like a new person with a renewed sense of life and best of all, lots of energy!

– Liz Sahlsteen

More Information

IBS is a condition that is highly specific to each individual. No two individuals will be experiencing the exact same problems. We do understand this unique situation and careful consideration was taken by our team while creating this E-Book. The steps have been constructed to focus on all the core symptoms presented by the ‘Rome Criteria’ definition of IBS. We are highly confident that you will find the 8 Most Highly Effective Steps to Heal and Reverse your IBS Symptoms E-Book, substantial in providing you with the life changing results that you have always been waiting for. Each step in the E-Book has been carefully explained with a full set instructions, including a gantt chart that provides you with a schedule that you can follow. The clarification of why IBS exists, as well as how the maximum beneficial results are to be achieved by each step, is fully explained to you as each phase is executed. Our commendable team of editors have expended much of their time carefully detailing and refining each step to ensure completeness, covering items such as timing, dosage, and an explanation of how each procedure will aid in healing your IBS symptoms. In order to download the 8 Most Highly Effective Steps to Heal and Reverse your IBS Symptoms E-Book, follow the link here:

As always, take care and I wish you the best of health in the near future.

Kelly Chow