The Permanent Cure to Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #008 — The Permanent Cure to Leaky Gut Syndrome
August 20, 2016


For those of you who have been diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome or LGS, it is important to know that the following information has provided me with a permanent cure. A disclaimer is that you should have a physician monitor your status and results to ensure the safety of your health should you follow this program.

The most important aspect to know is that you MUST eliminate all fats in your diet, no oil including canola, fish, meats, etc. In fact for the next 30 days, which was what I did, was to eat exclusively on raw fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that you will not be eating any fats, however you must also avoid avocados. If you have diabetes, you must visit your physician to determine if this diet is safe and appropriate for you before you decide to proceed at your own discretion.

Sample Diet

Here is a sample of what your day’s diet can consist of:

Breakfast – Banana with

a handful of spring mix (baby kale and other baby leaves)

Lunch – A large bowl of salad (no dressing), so spring mix with slices of banana, some dates, some grapes, some mangos all cut up and mixed in.

Dinner – Similar to what lunch consist of however, you can mix in different types of fruits into your salad such as peaches, nectarines, plums, some more bananas. No dressing or FATs of any kind.

Should you feel hungry, which is normal to feel hungry quickly after eating raw fruits and vegetables, you can add some cook potatoes however note that I eliminated all cooked foods during my 30 days diet.

Reason for NO FATS and detox symptoms

What’s important to know is that after the 30 days you will notice that as you slowly incorporate foods that caused symptoms before, they will no longer cause symptoms. The reason why eliminating fats from your diet cures your body, is because the yeast overgrowth only exist to protect your

body. Your body is actually doing the right thing so you don’t die from surplus sugar in your system.

There is a surplus of sugars in your body and your body is producing more yeast to eat up the excess sugar because your cells are too greased up to be able to take in the sugar into the cells. As your cells start to degrease over this period of 30 days you will notice some unpleasant detox symptoms which is normal. There may be hot sweats or mind fog, the symptoms experienced may vary amongst each person. If this solution can rid of my LGS for good I trust it will have a similar effect on yourself as well but this type of diet will be extremely challenging.

This knowledge is truly priceless that took a decade of experiments to discover and I am providing this to you free of charge as I know how it feels having IBS due to Leaky Gut Syndome as I had it myself. If this works for you, my only wish is that you share it with anyone else who has LGS/IBS and I

will feel blessed. I truly wish you a bill of good health but it does require much effort on your end, persistence, and faith to push through with this program and no cheating with any FATS whatsoever. The solution is presented in front of you.


Kelly Chow

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