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Reversing IBS E-Zine, Issue #002 — Power of Healing
April 07, 2008

An important piece of information that many people seem to overlook, is that the human anatomy of healing is a very complex system. The system provides body signals to react in a timely fashion when the need to heal is necessary.

For a majority of the time, the body will correctly heal the injuries and problems that are encountered by your system. However at other times, your system may over-react or it may simply lack the response that is needed. When this occurs, your system would require some manual assistance by your part.

In the case of IBS, your body is either lacking or over-producing levels of serotonin as well as digestive acidic juices in the stomach. A combination of problems that would require you to help in assisting your body in order to effectively heal these issues.

It is difficult to pin-point all of the areas that your body is struggling with, as there are differences in each person. However in IBS, there are many common body symptoms and problems that can be focused on in healing.

Originally, your system may have been damaged by either:

  • Concentrated types of drug-use; particularly antibiotics
  • An illness such as the stomach flu
  • Constant stress and depression

Many of you may hope that eventually there would be enough research and development available to manufacture a drug that would cure your IBS symptoms. This is an optimistic outlook, however I am apologetic as I am the bearer of negative news. This medical drug to cure all IBS symptoms will not occur because Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not an infectious germ or a virus.

It is a combination of improper serotonin levels, lack of body secretions in the intestines and stomach, gut motility problems, etc. Many of these issues are attributed to an imbalance of bacterial levels in your system.

When the normal levels of yeast in your gut and throughout your organs, grows beyond proper levels, this causes many IBS symptoms to appear. The two source causes of yeast overgrowth are noted in the list above (antibiotics and/or illness). The existence of yeast overgrowth in your system is called Candida and this is not something that a modern-day drug can solve.

It requires a combination of carefully following the IBS Diet Plan as well as the guidelines provided to reverse diarrhea. When you properly adhere to the guidelines, it would help to remove many IBS symptoms, not just diarrhea as some of you may not be experiencing diarrhea.

The guidelines require you to initiate the following:

  • Diet Change
  • Herbs (Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Candida Stop)

I have included the dosage and duration of use for the herbal remedies, however i have yet to suggest a particular product. I will be including this shortly when I find an on-line retailer that provides highly-effective products that I am in-search for.

Always remember my golden rule of thumb when following my recommended solution to heal and reverse your IBS symptoms – Patience and Persistance is always key.

Even when you are providing the necessary aid that your system requires, the reversal of IBS symptoms requires sufficient time for your body to effectively heal the series of issues. These problems include the elimination of yeast overgrowth, rebalancing of the bacterial levels, healing the gut, regaining normalized gut motility, internal tissue healing, normalizing body secretion levels, etc.

I wish you all success in finding health and in healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome to regain a regular IBS-free lifestyle.

Kelly Chow