Same Symptoms as IBS

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Same Symptoms as IBS – Are you confused with other conditions that mirror the same symptoms as IBS?

Think you have been Mistaken in having IBS?

Well you are not alone. Many IBS sufferers often get confused as to whether what they have, is truly IBS or another condition. Many times, those with chronic symptoms believe that their symptoms somewhat reflect the symptoms of IBS but not entirely.

The Process to Diagnose IBS

Just know that IBS is a term used to simply, generically refer to a situation where no other evidence can be found as to what is causing your symptoms. It is a process of elimination that the doctors use to determine that you have IBS.

The Symptoms of IBS

Most often the symptoms of IBS are characterized by diarrhea, constipation, diarrhea with alternating constipation, stomach upset, excessive gas, gut pain, head fog, dizziness, etc. There are many symptoms, most of which are caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the gut.

Receive a Conclusive Diagnosis

Before you begin to compare symptoms however, it is simply best to have a doctor diagnose you through the process of elimination. If you are still not confident in the diagnosis, it is recommended that you challenge the original physician’s diagnosis and seek a second recommendation.

Same Symptoms as IBS

In the IBS Bucket?

Once you have been given similar diagnosis from all the physicians or specialists that you have seen, you will likely be more confident in knowing that you have IBS. Know that having IBS however, does not truly place you in a specific bucket. Nonetheless it is a specific condition that you are associated with, but IBS can mean many things.

The Three Varieties of IBS

Currently, there has been much surprising research that differentiates a sufferer experiencing diarrhea predominant IBS versus those with constipation predominant IBS. The underlying causes between these two can be quite different.

Lastly, there are also those who experience an alternation between diarrhea and consitpation, which is also under further research.

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