Sarcoidosis and IBS

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Sarcoidosis and IBS – The discovery process to find out what is causing your Sarcoidosis can be difficult.

What is Sarcoidosis?

This type of disease has an unknown origin that causes small lumps to grow in a range of different areas on your body tissues. These small lumps are grown as a result of chronic inflammation. It is still not a well known problem of the medical world.

The main underlying reason for the damaged tissue, is caused by the immune system over-reacting and instead of attacking infections, it ends up attacking its own host and in this case, that would be your own body.

Sarcoidosis vs IBS

Many Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers have inflammation in the body, particularly in the gut, so this links with the disease of Sarcoidosis. However, the rare type of inflammation involving the lymph nodes and other tissues of the body as a result of Sarcoidosis, is a different type of inflammation compared to that of IBS.

The differences is the region and areas of inflammation. IBS inflammation is strictly located in the length of the gut, however Sarcoidosis involves many other areas such as the lungs, salivary glands, liver, skin, eyes, etc.

Sarcoidosis and IBS

Does One Lead to the Other?

It is definitely not often the case that IBS leads to Sarcoidosis, however any links between the two cannot be fully ruled out as the two are still related with the topic of inflammation. IBS inflammation in the gut is known to be caused by bacterial overgrowth.

Sarcoidosis inflammation is caused by unknown factors and there are currently no statistics that indicate an IBS sufferer is more likely to have Sarcoidosis in comparison to someone who does not have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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