Serotonin Link to IBS

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Serotonin Link to IBS – serotonin is a chemical that is needed to communicate between your nerve cells.

The Location of Serotonin

The nerves send messages to each other through the use of serotonin. It is most commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract and infact, about 80-90% of your serotonin in the body is located in the gut. This is important news for those with IBS.

IBS sufferers often experience pain in their gut and the extra sensitive region due to the percentage of nerves and serotonin in the area, can only heighten the amount of pain. It is also important to know that gender makes a difference in the symptoms presented.

Gender Differences

Women often experience a lot more pain than men do, even when the pain levels are exactly the same. This is because women’s perception of pain is far more heightened than men’s ability to sense pain when it persists.

What does Serotonin do?

The reason for serotonin to be primarily based in the gut, is because it helps to regulate the intestinal movements to push the consumed foods toward the end of the gut. Serotonin is also involved in the feeling of depression, appetite, etc.

Serotonin Link to IBS

The Mixed Reviewed of Antidepressants

That is why many physicians tend to prescribe IBS patients with antidepressants as it is often seen as a drug that helps to relieve depression and keep the bowel movements flowing regularly. Although the thought of antidepressants being capable of regulating the bowel, this is not a trusted remedy.

For some, the antidepressants do work, however for others it does not. It is largely a hit and miss situation with this drug, as serotonin levels is not the ultimate reason for the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines that is the number one factor for IBS sufferers to be experiencing their daily aggravating symptoms.

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