Severe IBS

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Severe IBS – The magnitude of your IBS symptoms is often dependent on the extent of your bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines.

The Problems with SIBO

When a person has Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), this is the key cause to having an Irritable Bowel. The types of symptoms that are presented by SIBO, are primarily caused by the obvious. This would include the type of foods that you eat, the amount of stress that you experience, etc.

When you consume certain foods that are intolerable by your digestive system, due to the abundance of unwanted bacteria in your gut, this will lead to excessive gas, diarrhea and/or constipation, possible abdominal pain, etc.

SIBO Symptoms Revealed

Similarly, when you experience a lot of stress, the serotonin in your gut that is used to communicate between the nerves from within, would be more reactive due to SIBO. There are many types of side effects and heightened experiences as a result of SIBO, that may not always be obvious.

Some of the non-obvious symptoms would include head fog, dizziness, peeling of the skin, etc. Many of these side effects are the result of SIBO. When the bacteria in your gut starts to overgrow, it can drastically affect many parts of the body.

Severe IBS

An IBS-Friendly Diet is Key

In order to keep your symptoms at a minimum, it is important to first modify your diet. Your diet is the one key factor that plays an important part in minimizing the symptoms to a level in which it would be manageable.

Review the IBS Diets section in order to view the various recipes that are IBS-friendly.

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