Signs and Symptoms of IBS

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Signs and Symptoms of IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that can strike at any age.

The Unpredictable Onset

You may be a teenager or an adult, it does not really matter as IBS can inflict any person at anytime. It is not an easy task to have to manage the symptoms of IBS as it is almost always the case, that a person is not prepared to spend the time and effort, due to the unexpected onset.

Some of the signs of IBS can be mistaken for the stomach flu. When you are having bouts of diarrhea or constipation, and you also have reactions after eating certain types of foods, it may be an initial sign of IBS.

Avoid Making Early Assumptions

However, it would be a good idea to not yet be alarmed by these symptoms as it may simply be the different stages of a stomach flu. You may want to consult with a physician or wait a number of days before determining if your symptoms start to dampen.

Should your symptoms persist over a period of time that is greater than 7-14 days, then it is time for you to start consulting with your physicians in order to determine the likelihood of you having the Irritable Bowel Syndrome condition.

Signs and Symptoms of IBS

The Process of Elimination

The doctors will likely place you through a series of tests to ensure that you do not have any ailments that are severe in nature. Once all tests have been completed and you are clear of all conditions, they will then slot you in the IBS bucket.

It is Good but Bad

This is a good thing in a sense, as it is not known to cause fatality in individuals with IBS, however it is a very disturbing condition as the symptoms can place a severe hamper on your quality of life. The symptoms are often relentless and are persistent in nature.

Receive Proper Diagnosis

So before you misdiagnose yourself, ensure a qualified physician determines that you have IBS instead of placing yourself in this bucket.

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