IBS Skin Damage

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Are you experiencing visible skin damage? Is your skin peeling? See how IBS contributes to this symptom and learn how to eliminate it!

Skin irritation is a symptom that causes your skin to constantly peel layer after layer until it becomes tender.

*I have also experienced a skin tenderness problem and it occurred on my fingers. Let me explain why this happens and how to put a stop to it.*

Peeling Skin

When experiencing IBS skin irritation, your skin would feel very chapped and dry, eventually starting to peel. As the first layer peels, the second layer begins to peel as well. After the second layer peels off, that area begins to feel extremely tender.

You might be rubbing alot of moisturizers and hand-cream all over the chapped area, however it only provides a minimal effect. The reason being is because the bacteria in your body is imbalanced. When this happens the yeast takes over since there exists a lack of good bacteria.

With yeast overgrowth, it may lead to a yeast infection. Now it may consists of a minor infection or it can be major. Minor infections may be a discolored nail (yellowish; fungal) or it may simply be dry and chapped skin. Major infections are highly visible and it can cover any parts of your body.

The key to solving yeast overgrowth is to follow the guidelines provided to solve diarrhea. Click here to see the guidelines. It is the same solution since it requires you to rebalance the good bacteria back into your body. This requires a diet change as well as some herbal remedies.

Always remember that patience and persistence is key when following the guidelines provided here.

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