Soluble Fiber for IBS

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Soluble Fiber for IBS – Do you truly know the benefits of taking more soluble fiber with your meals?

Soluble Fiber Alone is Ineffective

Many IBS sufferers often think that taking more soluble fiber would be beneficial for their Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Know however, that taking only soluble fiber would be actually very ineffective unless it is combined with insoluble fiber.

Combine Soluble with Insoluble Fiber

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber helps to create bulk in your stools. Insoluble fiber, truly focuses on helping to clean out your intestinal tract and the colon walls so that toxic materials are not left intact in your digestive tract.

Portion Usage of Each

There are no exact percentage of each that you should take to provide maximum benefit, however it is essential that you try to combine about 50% of each soluble and insoluble fiber into your diet. Most people often do not consume enough fiber in their diet so chances are high that supplements will prove to be very beneficial.

Additional Benefits of Fiber

When taking fiber, it also has other benefits such as helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels as well as lowers your overall cholesterol levels. It is also a relief to know that more fiber can help to prevent the possibility of colon cancer.

Soluble Fiber for IBS

The Top Praised Fiber

There are many varieties of fiber supplements out there, however it would be wise to focus on a product that is produced with only the finest ingredients and also has psyllium husks included in the mix. Truman’s Fiber supplement has been a familiar product and is highly used within the IBS community of sufferers.

Truman’s fiber also contains many beneficial ingredients such as echinacea root, spirulina, wild yam root, and shepard’s purse herb in order to minimize the IBS symptoms that you are feeling, prevent flare-ups and maximize the health benefits to your overall system. To find this highly raved product, review the Truman’s Fiber supplement section.

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