Stomach Bloating and Gas

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How do I deal with stomach bloating/gas and can I get rid of it?

When overly excessive gas is present in your digestive system, it may affect you in many ways. It may involve gas noises, stomach uncomfort, visible stomach bloating, intestinal pain, etc.

Before knowing how to deal with this symptom, it is crucial to understand why gas has suddenly become so prevalent in your system.

There are two factors that come into play:

A. The strength of your digestive system

B. The level of mental stress and emotions present in your lifestyle

Lets discuss these in more detail.

More Information on A.

When your digestive system is weakened it begins to produce less digestive juices required to digest your food. As a result of this, the food items you ingested are not properly broken down. This makes it more difficult for your body to fully absorb the nutrients that are present in the food.

When the food reaches the small intestines, the partially digested food mixes with the bacteria present in the gut. This produces excessive gas since the food should normally be completely broken down before reaching the intestines. The end result is gas related symptoms such as stomach bloating, intestinal noises, gut uncomfort, etc.

More Information on B.

Stressed Out

Knowing that your digestive system has been weakened, it only becomes more sensitive. Stress or any other mentally emotional events in your life would only cause your intestines to lock up more often. This means that your intestines will spasm more frequent as a result.

Thus the gas in the gut will be shifted earlier than expected; out-of-sync with the gut rhythm. This causes gas noises in the gut as well as stomach uncomfort if the gas heads in the wrong direction.

When lots of gas are present in the gut, it could cause pain when walking. The abdominal region may also be tender when performing any type of exercise involving movement in that area. Visible stomach bloating could result or it may simply be the feeling of bloatedness.

The solution to these problems involve the following:

Solution for A.

A number of herbs are necessary to aid your digestive system.


Digestive Enzymes – Take 2-3 capsules per meal, dependent on meal size.

The enzymes in the pill will help aid the digestion of your food. It provides additional supplements to complement the lack of production in your system. This helps to ensure all food particles have been properly broken down before reaching the intestines.

When the food has properly digested, it allows the body to fully absorb the nutrients that are available. Improper food digestion would be a cause of excessive gas production in your intestines.

Following the IBS Diet Plan would also be useful if extreme gas production is present in your system.

Diet Change

Click here for the IBS Diet Plan.

Solution for B.

The amount of mental stress in your current lifestyle needs to be cut down to an extreme minimum. This means placing yourself in situations that create relaxation, calmness, & serenity.

I understand that this may be difficult for many people as a result of their busy work/personal lifestyles, however it can be achieved. I do not expect this to occur at all times, but the avoidance of stress needs to happen for the majority of your day.

Stress Management

The most important tip I can provide, is to avoid extremely stressful situations. It is much easier on your system to endure a slightly stressful situation that lasts half an hour than a explosive situation that simply lasts a short 5 minutes.

If an unavoidable stressful situation occurs, it is very important to take the next half an hour to sit back and relax to calm yourself. Stress takes a toll on your digestive system especially when it is already weak.

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