Stomach Pain

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Stomach Pain – Do you feel that the pain in your gut is sometimes hard to bare with?

The Prevalence of Pain

Well you are not alone in the dark, because as many as 70% of IBS sufferers experience some form of pain in their abdominal region, whether it be severe or a gnawing pain.

The Compilation for Pain

The intestinal movement is often abnormal in an IBS patient and this, with the combination of bacterial/yeast imbalance in the gut, causes pain.

Too Fast or Too Slow?

When the gut moves abnormally, whether it would be too quick or too slow, it can lead to pain. If the gut moves too fast, it may be pushing far too hard resulting in a feeling of pain.

Similarly, if the gut decides to move too slowly, it can lead to hard stool, resulting in pain due to the friction of the stool against the lining of the bowel.

Stomach Pain

Having Gas Production

Furthermore, when the bacteria/yeast is imbalanced in the gut, this can lead to the fermentation of food particles in the small intestines, resulting in an abundance of gas.

Gas results in a great deal of pain because it can be trapped in your intestines and yet the bowels are trying hard to push the gas pockets.

Tips Provided

If you follow the IBS-friendly recipes provided, you will be well on your way to reducing the symptoms of pain in the gut. Similarly, it would be greatly beneficial to take probiotics and digestive enzymes with your meals.

These herbal supplements will provide the essentials needed to break down your food properly before it reaches the small intestines, as well as repopulating your gut with healthy flora to rebalance the area.

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