Stress and IBS

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Stress and IBS – There is an amazing link between the levels of stress and Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

Stress is Not the Root Cause for IBS

Many would say that their stress is the cause of their IBS symptoms. This has some truth but for the most part, is an invalid statement. I will explain to you why this is the case.

When an IBS sufferer experiences high stress levels, often times the gut would react and this leads to IBS symptoms. The gut becomes exponentially sensitive in comparison to someone who does not have IBS.

So what does this mean? This means that stress can cause your IBS symptoms to flare up but it is not the root cause of your IBS symptoms to be present.

Seeing is Believing

Still do not believe this is true? Well if you were to rearrange your life so that no stress is present in your life, for a period of a full month, it is almost 100% likely that you will still have IBS symptoms flaring up. This may be due to other reasons such as your diet, etc.

Stress and IBS

Keep your Stress Managed

It would still be helpful however, to place a priority on keeping your stress levels to a minimum. This would help to reduce the occurrences of IBS flare-ups to a manageable frequency.

Some however, still believe that seeking the help of a psychologist proves to be helpful and it actually can be. However, as noted earlier, removing stress completely will not reverse your IBS symptoms but it will definitely help to keep the symptoms somewhat manageable.

Review all the Information Available

Review other tips and guidelines on this site to truly find out how to reverse your IBS symptoms on a permanent basis rather than for a temporary period of time.

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