The IBS Low Starch Diet

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The IBS Low Starch Diet – Do you truly believe low starch diets can help with your IBS symptoms?

Modify your Diet, not just the Starch Content

In many ways, a low starch diet can help to reduce the flare-up of IBS symptoms however, it does not play a leading role in this area. There are many diet changes that need to be incorporated in addition to starch reduction in order to truly benefit from the diet modifications.

Avoid High Sugar Content

When one is decreasing the amount of starchy foods, this will help to prevent the yeast from proliferating beyond normal amounts. However know that other foods such as those that contain high sugar content, can affect the concentration of yeast enormously.

Minimize Starch Consumption

So it is important to focus on a combination of diet changes instead of solely on one. Some of the foods that contain a lot of starch, are rice, potato, taro, beans, chestnuts, etc. These foods are to be minimized but not eliminated. The reduction of starch, is the key idea of the IBS low starch diet.

Starch in your foods is normal and it should be consumed, but in limited amounts. Whereas high sugar content, can be completely eliminated, especially those foods that contain artificial sugars. The best types of foods to receive your needed natural sugars, in order to function, are primiarily from fruits.

The IBS Low Starch Diet

Consume More Fresh Vegetables

The best way to keep your IBS symptoms at bay, is to eat lots of fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens. This will help your body to perform optimally and prevent your IBS symptoms from being triggered. Eat fruits as well but limit the amount, as sugars are not a good ingredient for IBS sufferers but in minimal amounts, it will not be unhealthy to do so.

Concentrate on Non-Processed Goods

All other products such as grains, can be minimized. To consume enough carbohydrates, it should come from foods such as brown rice and other natural products. Pasta is not a good product as it is processed and often helps to feed the yeast in your gut.

Avoid Milk Products

Milk products should be completely eliminated from your diet as it is often a product that generally provides much grief to almost all IBS sufferers.

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