What Causes IBS

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What Causes IBS – There are many factors that are thought to cause the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The Medical Mystery

The most shocking piece of information is that often physicians do not even know what the cause of IBS comes from. The underlying causes are hard to detect as often times the symptoms are simply side effects but the root causes are not visible to diagnose.

The Process of Elimination Technique

The only method that allows doctors to diagnose you with IBS, is through the process of elimination. If no concerning signs of other conditions or ailments are detected, then often a patient is deemed as an Irritable Bowel Syndrome candidate.

An Agreement of the Cause

From the latest medical information received as well as from an overwhelming agreement from the community of IBS sufferers, it is evident that the bacteria/yeast in your gut is the root underlying cause of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome condition.

As a result of this bacterial/yeast imbalance, the gut becomes far more sensitive than it normally would in someone without IBS. When an IBS patient is under stress, it causes the gut to respond and sometimes overreact beyond normal motility, resulting in accidents or constipation.

What Causes IBS

Thinking Back…

This provides a great linkage between the originating cause and the condition. Most IBS patients can recall the symptoms presenting themselves after they have taken a dose of antibiotics or have had a continuous history of poor diet.

Important Information Available

There are many useful information provided throughout this site that has been compiled to help you manage and ultimately reverse your IBS symptoms to remission. This is very possible but know that it does take persistance and patience. Keeping these two characteristics in mind, we are confident in the probability of a state of remission from IBS symptoms, following the tips provided on this site.

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