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I can honestly say that my personal, work from home business, is one of the most significant life-changing initiatives I’ve made in my life.

I am earning a generous income by writing about a topic that I am genuinely passionate about. If I can do it, you can do it too!

* Are you having difficulty earning a living because your IBS symptoms are too severe to uphold a job? Learn how to earn sufficient income from the comfort of your own home without having to leave the house. *

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Work from Home
What do I need to do?
Now, for the Secret
How much Income can I Make?
How much are you Earning?
How much Time do I need to Spend?
Do you have Examples of Others using SBI to Generate Income?
Am I really able to Start my Own Online Business?
Can you Show Me a Video of the Business Concept in a Nutshell?
Who do I Contact if I have Questions?
I am Serious about this, where do I Start?
Will you be Around to Help Me, if I Require any Assistance along the Way?

Work From Home


Starting an online business that you can call your own, is not as difficult as it may sound. All that you require is a computer, internet access and a topic of interest that consistently motivates you.

The idea behind the business, is to provide information in a niche that will continue to be in-demand for a long foreseeable future.

What Do You Need To Do?

You basically provide content, services and/or products to others on the net via your very own website. I have personally started my own online site because I wanted to help others with their Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) condition that I have successfully reversed. I found that the lack of support and information available regarding IBS has prompted this need.

Now if you are creating a website solely based on generating income without any passion regarding the topic that you are writing about, you might not be very successful. You must find a topic that you are genuinely passionate about and which highly motivates you to write information on.

Quality content is what creates traffic to your website and this allows for the generation of income.

Now, For The Secret:

I have created this website using Solo Build It! (SBI!). They provide all the necessary tools to guide and to allow you to build your very own website.

SBI will not just simply create the backbones needed for your site, they also provide all the needed help to ensure your website thrives.

You may have little to no knowledge on how to create a website and yet be very successful by using SBI!’s tools. Even webmasters use SBI! because it provides a breadth of benefits from web hosting to search engine optimization.
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How Much Income Can You Make?

The amount of income you generate per month depends on many factors. This includes, the quality of your content, services and/or products, the demand for the information on your site, etc.

Note that your income level is virtually limitless. You can take your business as far as you would like. SBI helps to ensure you maximize your income level by providing you with all the necessary guidance and tools.

Some SBI!ers even live on an island while writing about the island itself as a travel destination. They work from their laptop and have generated an enormous income to live off from. (ex. www.anguilla-beaches.com)

How Much Am I Earning?

I have started my site using SBI! in Sept 2007 and in less than 6 months, i began generating about $800 (CAD) per month.

Solo Build It! speaks about the snowball effect, meaning that as your website grows, you will continually gain more traffic and thus an increasing amount of income.

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend?

You may spend as little as 1 hour per week or much more, depending on how quickly you want your business to grow. I initially spent about 12 hours per week in 2007, however now in 2008, i only spend about 6-8 hours every week.

You basically have full control of your own online business, including when and how often you would like to work on it. SBI provides the guidance to ensure you are spending your time efficiently to generate a successful business.

Do I Have Examples Of Others Using SBI To Generate Income?

For examples of others using SBI! to earn a comfortable living, click here

As you can see, Solo Build It! has allowed myself and others to write about a topic, that we are highly passionate about and are also paid generously to do so.

Are You Really Able to Start Your Own Online Business? Is It Easy And Do-Able?

You are also more than capable of earning a living by doing what you love most, creating that website and writing about your most passionate topic.
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Could I Show You a Video of the Business Concept in a Nutshell?

Sit back and watch the Solo Build It! Video Tour to gain further clarity on how everything works.

Who Do You Contact If You have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact SBI! here or myself here.

You Are Now Serious About Joining, Where Do You Start?

Once you are ready to make significant life-changing results for yourself and to help others that connect to your site, click here

Work from Home

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Will I Be Around to Help You, If You Require Any Assistance Along the Way?

Absolutely. I have been blessed to be able to work from the pleasure of my own home and I would want others to have the same opportunity. You only live life once, and what better than to spend a majority of your time writing about what you love or have become passionate about.

Always feel free to contact me here.

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