Xifaxan (Rifaximin)

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Xifaxan – An antibiotic commonly used to treat traveller’s diarrhea. However, statistics are starting to emerge regarding its effects on SIBO and IBS.

  • What symptoms are relieved by this product?
  • How effective is the product towards the symptoms?
  • What is the recommended duration of use for this product?
  • Are there any side-effects during and after product usage?
  • Are the results permanent after the product usage has stopped?
  • Product Review

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What symptoms are relieved by this product?  

This antibiotic can help to alleviate many of the symptoms related to IBS. More information is emerging, linking Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) with IBS. The product can help to normalize the levels of bacteria in the small intestine, resulting in symptom relief. Many have reported relief from diarrhea, constipation, nausea, stomach pain, bloating, etc.

How effective is the product towards the symptoms?  

Xifaxan shows tremendous results for those who have diarrhea predominant IBS. The effectiveness for those experiencing constipation predominant IBS seems to be more subtle. The most noticeable results have been experienced with the relief of bloating and gas in the intestinal tract. Likewise many patients have noticed stomach pain relief as well as the elimination of diarrhea.

What is the recommended duration of use for this product?  

Most doctor’s prescribe this antibiotic for a duration of 7 days with a dosage of 1200 mg. Occasionally some doctors will recommend that a patient use this product for 10 days instead. There has been a study conducted in which the test subjects were consuming a dosage of 1600 mg for 7 days and the effects were substantially greater than those on a 1200 mg dosage. The difference was an additional success rate of about 20% (to a total of 80% of all patients in the 1600 mg dosage group) when conducting a hydrogen breath test and determining if the small intestine has normalized its level of bacteria.

Are there any side-effects during and after product usage?  

This particular antibiotic is unique in the fact that it is not absorbed from the intestinal tract. The antibiotic is released within the intestines and stays within there. As a result, there have been minimal side effects reported by all users of this antibiotic. Nonetheless not all individuals will be symptomless, and the symptoms experienced by the smaller group of individuals include:  

  • abdominal discomfort or pain
  • nausea
  • fever
  • headache
  • gas
  • constipation
  • skin rash

Are the results permanent after the product usage has stopped?  

Possible. When a patient takes Xifaxan, it can provide immediate relief of symptoms during and after usage. However for many patients, the relief commonly lasts anywhere from 3 to 9 months. Should permanent results be expected, it is important to have an after treatment program that keeps the balance of the bacteria in the gut normalized, either through the use of herbal remedy supplements, diet, vitamins, or a combination of the three.  

Product Review

Xifaxan has shown mixed results for those suffering from IBS. The results are often very positive for those experiencing predominant diarrhea whereas the degree of benefits to those with predominant constipation seems to be on a smaller scale.

Overall, this antibiotic can assist in removing the excess count of bacteria in the small intestine, should it exists. There are hydrogen breath tests available that can detect the presence of an overgrowth of bacteria.

Amongst the many antibiotics available in the market, this product should have the least amount of impact on your body in terms of side effects but yet the most positive outcome in relieving IBS sufferers from the daily symptoms experienced.

Before taking this antibiotic to treat your IBS, it is important to have test results show that you have SIBO instead of blindly attempting to take this antibiotic in attempts to relief yourself of IBS.

My suggestion is that this product should be used if you are positive for SIBO. Should a test not be available in your area to detect if you have SIBO and you have had diarrhea predominant IBS for a lengthy period of time with no progress with other forms of treatment, then I would also recommend the trial of this antibiotic with the supervision of a qualified physician.

It is uplifting to know that many IBS sufferers have had very positive results with the use of this antibiotic to treat their IBS symptoms. Many have actually entered the state of remission during and after usage of this product. The length of remission however, varies with each individual and dependant on the after treatment program the individual follows after the treatment of antibiotics.

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